Pre Construction

The overall success of any construction project relies on decisions made early in the process. Bayard Construction Group helps guide clients through the project from a constructability lens. While many think of preconstruction services for large, complicated projects, preconstruction is also useful to keep even the simplest of projects on schedule and on budget. Bayard offers preconstruction services for projects of various sizes and complexities, from a single-floor retail buildout to a multi-story commercial ground up development. We discuss potential issues and provide recommended options to ensure the success of your project. Our services save time over the course of the building lifecycle and are proven to save money through constructability review, value engineering and prevention of issues.

Our preconstruction services remove many of the unknowns of a project, reduce project risks, identify areas for cost savings, and mitigate schedule impacts.


Bayard Construction Group is a leader in categories where knowledge is essential, including Restaurant and Hospitality, Retail and Financial Institutions, Faith-based Organizations, Healthcare, Office, and Industrial Mixed-use Construction. As a Licensed Commercial Contractor, we carefully manage the planning, purchasing, and construction of projects, holding our work to extremely high standards. Our entire team from our Project Managers to our Company President is accessible to Clients and quickly responds to questions and concerns. We take immense pride in our efficient workflows and recognize the crucial role of clear communication in keeping projects on track, within budget, and on schedule. With our unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship, we are fully dedicated to providing exceptional construction solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Interiors & Special Projects

As a business, your space must accommodate your buildout criteria while still reflecting your brand. When you move into an existing commercial property, it can be hard to blend your ideal space with the current structure. We understand that every Tenant has their own functional requirements, and we can confidently meet your key needs while staying true to your design goals. Bayard Construction Group works closely with Construction Managers, Developers, Building Owners, Tenants, and Corporate Clients to develop cost-effective ways to construct a great interior space or building. Whether you need a simple space reconfiguration, a comprehensive interior and exterior renovation/buildout, or require the logistics for a national rebrand, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Site & Land Development

Bayard Construction Group provides turn-key site development solutions for Commercial and Industrial projects. Our experienced team excels in managing projects of all sizes, ensuring efficient and precise execution. When we partner with Developers, we do everything in our ability to add value to their projects. We like to involve our Management team early on in the process to identify potential challenges and engineer ways of streamlining production and reducing overall project costs and timelines. This approach has formed lasting relationships throughout our region and established our reputation as a premier Land Development Contractor.